About Us

The Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC) is the National Organization responsible for promoting and facilitating productivity improvement in Jamaica.  JPC is a tripartite organization comprising the Government of Jamaica (GOJ), the Jamaica Employers’ Federation (JEF) and the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions (JCTU).  This partnership reinforces the principles that growth in the national economy can best be achieved with the alliance and full cooperation of government, employers and workers.


To be a productive,  self-sustaining organization known for timely, accurate measurement and reporting, while significantly impacting National Productivity by enabling an entrenched productive culture.

Our Mission

To enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the Jamaican economy and lead the process of transformation to a productivity-conscious culture by providing productivity policy advice, expertise, and information to both private and public sector organizations, through strategic partnerships, and a well-equipped, motivated, and competent team.

Strategic Objectives

As the National Productivity Organization the JPC’s strategic objectives are:

  • Improved National Productivity
  • Facilitate the implementation of best practice productivity-driven policies
  • Achieve a National Productivity Culture
  • Facilitate the development of productivity-driven organizations

Core Values